Spies spies spies Trainer

Spies spies spies Trainer trainer included 13 cheats options (PC)

The world is undergoing great changes. The mysterious country X was recently reborn. The country has been relatively closed and mysterious since ancient times. There may even be legends such as magic, dragons, and stone men alive. For this reason, you are ordered to investigate in danger.
After some hard work, you successfully landed from the sea and started exploring. . . . . . . .

Code of Conduct for Intelligence Officers:
You are not 007; as long as you shoot, you will leave traces; there is no credible guidance; there is no trustworthy person; please keep silent; you must have a certain strength before doing what you want to do; be wary of murderous intentions from your peers; you only have one life.

Main gameplay:
Weapon upgrades, random status, random skills, random props, armor upgrades, shops, alien copies, spies, fog, killing civilians, escape, super magic equipment, roguelike, poisonous fog, traps, automatic aiming, infinite refresh.

Process main line:
Obtain world capabilities from each area and obtain information from intelligence dealers to open the entrance to the next area, and find key evidence to go home. During this period, you will encounter interference from spies from other organizations, local soldiers, and creatures from other worlds.

Alien copy:
There is a hidden passage to another world in this world, you need to obtain entrance information to enter another world.
There are all kinds of creatures in different worlds, you need to transform your appearance in time, otherwise you will be punished by thunder from the world.

Common Creatures:
Ordinary residents, traveling merchants, security guards, soldiers, spies, intelligence dealers, elves, elite troops, bosses.

More than 10 kinds of creatures, please explore by yourself.

1. Ordinary residents:
Pure normal resident; kills can cause trouble.
2. Traveling Merchant:
A person who travels around doing business for a living; kills can be profitable but can also cause trouble.
3. Security guards:
Police guards to maintain law and order; Accurate marksmanship, generally do not take the initiative to attack; Killing will attract counterattack.
4. Soldiers:
Ordinary soldiers or special forces; casualties or major incidents will be dispatched; approaching will take the initiative to attack; killing will attract counterattack.
5. Spy:
Spies of other organizations; they will appear in disguise as residents or merchants, please be careful to distinguish them; they may be fatally hit; they will actively attack when they get close; there is a chance to get a transformation roll when they are killed.
6. Tipsters:
People who wander in the gray area; in order to avoid being hunted, they will appear as residents or merchants, please pay attention to distinguish them; kill them to get the entrance information of the next map; there is a chance to get the entrance information of the other world in the map information.
7. Sprites:
A unique species in the world; it is particularly sensitive to murderous aura and actively gathers around the murderous aura.
8. Elite unit:
A heroic creature with special skills; when killed, there is a chance to gain weapon enhancement; high attack power and defense power; it will actively attack.
9. BOSS:
Flying dragons and boulder monsters; Killing them will give you a chance to gain weapon enhancements; High attack power and defense power; Will take the initiative to attack and master special skills.
10. Outsiders:
Endless variety of creatures; different skills to master; chance to get weapon power-ups.

This game developed by GXF-rp and published by GXF-rp
Categories of the game: Adventure, Action and RPG

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File Downloads
zip Standalone Version-FLiNG 1033
zip Auto-Updating Version-FLiNG 1315

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